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Pat has helped a wide range of clients in multiple industries, from small, local firms to large international corporations as well as community organizations. In his role as contract CFO for Intrepid Potash, Inc. (“Intrepid”), Pat helped develop their business plan even before its inception. As the company grew, he remained a key member of its management team and oversaw all of its accounting and tax operations from inception to going public ($2.7 billion initial market capitalization).

Pat helps small businesses and community organizations like Ceremony Center for Healing and Broomfield Open Space Foundation get off the ground by developing their business plans. He set up their tax and accounting infrastructure, enabling them to capture and maintain accurate and timely information. Along the way, he ensures that they are in compliance with laws and regulations while capturing tax benefits. Pat was also instrumental in helping a family office maximize its yield through real estate acquisitions.

Contract CFO and Consulting
We serve as a strategic partner specializing in accounting, finance, and tax, guiding businesses through all stages of its lifecycle.

Business Plans
At the beginning of a new enterprise, a compelling and viable business plan is essential to its success. In partnership with stakeholders, we develop comprehensive business plans that clearly outline projections and provide guidance through various phases of the business, ensuring the enterprise has the capital to achieve its plan.

Accounting and Reporting Systems
Effective accounting and reporting systems are critical for any business, and it starts at inception. We help businesses implement systems that provide meaningful information and guide them through automation of various tax processes. Working with Intuit products, including QuickBooks, we start with developing electronic interfaces with the client’s financial institutions to maximize information and efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions
If you are contemplating acquiring a new line of business or forming a new partnership, we can help you analyze and structure the transaction. We can model the returns a business hopes to realize, apply cost effective due diligence, and maximize tax benefits.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Tax planning and compliance is an important element for every business and individual. We have decades of experience managing the complexities of large international corporations as well as the unique challenges of smaller firms.

Choice of entity is a critical decision for any business just starting up, adding a line of business, or contemplating an IPO. The four main business entity choices are sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), and corporation. We help clients assess the advantages and disadvantages of each and select the best choice to limit tax liabilities.

We work diligently to ensure our clients comply with federal, state, and local tax regulations while minimizing their tax burden. Our breadth of knowledge and depth of experience will help clients optimize tax benefits. We structure transactions to minimize tax, work with clients to understand the implications of new tax policies, and represent clients if they are selected for audit. We are there the entire way.

We use Intuit's ProConnect, an online tax service which has interfaces with QuickBooks.

Accounting and Compilation
We are a member of the American Institute of Certified Accountants and can help your business with the following services.

Bookkeeping and Financial Statements
Operating a successful business requires access to the right information. We advise clients on managing and utilizing relevant financial and accounting data. At the same time, we provide strategies to minimize accounting costs.

Compilation and Compliance with GAAP
If your strategic plan includes being acquired or accessing the capital markets, we strongly recommend that you are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We stay current on GAAP and help clients adhere to these accounting rules and standards. We are authorized to issue “compiled” financial statements in compliance with GAAP, including footnotes.

Reviews and Audits
If your capital provider or bank requires reviewed or audited financial statements, we have relationships with local, regional, and national CPA firms whom we work with to perform reviews and audits. This arrangement enables us to serve as your controller, or contract CFO, while allowing the auditing firm to remain independent.

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